We started out our IT journey, as Bejaravudh Technology, in the year 2000. It was the year when the technology pace and development accelerated in Thailand and there was a heavy demand for large scale infrastructure all over Thailand. Our aspiration was to be a trusted infrastructure systems integrator who would be a long-term partner for our clients. Within two years we grew tremendously and rebranded our company to be called IT Management in 2002, with a capital 30 Million Thai Baht. Our company grew from strength to strength by expanding our service portfolios, partnering with international infrastructural solutions partners and winning big accounts in the public and manufacturing sectors. We became a trusted partner with one of the biggest telecommunications providers in Thailand. In 2015, our vision was to aim big and grow horizontally into the IT applications area. In that year, one of the biggest enterprise applications providers in Thailand, Information Technology Group (ITG), took IT Management into their conglomerates. This allowed us to expand our business coverage into the banking and insurance sectors.

In 2020, our management team spun our entity off from the ITG conglomerate to become IT Management. Our business focus is to serve selected public sector and enterprise clients in the infrastructural areas. We continually strive to be one the most trusted IT partner providing consulting, systems integration and managed operations providers in Thailand.