We understand that our clients need an experienced infrastructure partner to be along with them throughout the entire IT journey. Infrastructure planning and design is one of the most critical activities before an implementation can begin. We listen to our client’s business needs to understand the criticality of their business operations. With this in mind, we help our clients to balance the criticality of the infrastructure design versus the cost effectiveness of the infrastructure components to be implemented. We help our clients to design their network/ infrastructure blueprints, plan the implementation activities and resources required, and coordinate with external vendors to ensure that they are aligned with the implementation activities.

We also have a wide variety of network implementation experience spanning from designing nation-wide WAN for a major telecommunications provider, network and IP solutions for a large Thai conglomerate in the food industry and even a network solution for a major Thai bank. With our plethora of experience in varying industries, we are confident that we can help you to plan our entire IT journey along the way.